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Course Description
ITIL Expert
  • This intensive, 12-day classroom course (5 days + 5 days + 2 days) + 50 hours of e-learning is designed for practitioners who would like to fast-track their ITIL Expert Certification.
  • This course prepares candidates for passing all the ITIL Capability as well as the Managing Across the Lifecycle Certification Exams.
  • The program enables students to achieve a better understanding of the Service Lifecycle and the processes associated with all the Capability modules [Planning, Protection, and Optimization (PPO), Service Offerings and Agreements (SOA), Operational Support & Analysis (OSA), and Release, Control, and Validation (RCV)].
  • Candidates can take the exams for these courses at a time convenient to them, preferably between the classroom sessions.
  • This training course is delivered through a unique blend of self-paced and instructor-supported e-learning and high-intensity, fast-paced classroom delivery.
  • ITpreneurs courseware is designed using an engaging, scenario-based approach to learning the core disciplines of the ITIL best practices.
Target Audience Learning Objectives Pre-requisites Examination
  • Audience for the Capability Track
    IT professionals who could be IT managers or consultants looking to use the breadth of the ITIL framework and developing a proper understanding of the key functions and processes of ITIL v3.

    Students will have the opportunity to obtain the ITIL v3 Expert Level, based on the ITIL v3 Intermediate Capability stream followed by MALC.
  • Capability Track Learning Objectives
    At the end of this course, the student will gain competencies to:

    Learn the concepts of Service Management as a Practice.
    Understand the Service Lifecycle at the core of ITIL v3.
    Be confident in the general concepts, definitions, key principles and models of ITIL v3.
    Understand how the Service Management processes and functions contribute to the Service Lifecycle and be able to explain the objectives, scope, concepts, activities, key metrics (KPIs), roles and challenges for all the ITIL v3 processes.
    Learn how technology enables the Service Lifecycle and how other complimentary guidance aligns with ITIL v3.
    Understand implementation considerations.
    Learn the activities, methods, and functions used in each of the Lifecycle processes.
    Understand the application of the processes, activities and functions to achieve operational excellence.
    Learn how to measure performance.
    Understand technology and implementation requirements.
    Understand the challenges, Critical Success Factors and risks involved in implementing and improving Service Management.
  • What is required before students can join this program?
    Basic IT literacy and around 2 years IT experience are highly desirable.
    ITIL v3 Foundation certification or ITIL v2 Foundation plus ITIL v3 Foundation Bridge certifications.
    Completion of at least 133 hours of personal study by reviewing the course syllabi and the associated areas of the ITIL Service Management practice core guidance, in particular the Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement publications, in preparation for the examinations..
    Before starting the Managing Across the Lifecycle component of the program all Capability Exams should have been successfully completed.
  • About the Examinations
    Students schedule the exams at a time and date that is convenient to them, but at least before the next classroom session starts. All Capability Exams must be completed prior to attending the MALC component of the course
    The exams are closed-book exams with eight multiple-choice, scenario-based, gradient-scored questions.
    The exam duration for every exam is 90 minutes for all candidates in their respective language (candidates sitting the examination in a language other than their first have a maximum of 120 minutes and are allowed to use a dictionary)
    Each question will have 4 possible answer options, one that is worth 5 marks, one that is worth 3 marks, one that is worth 1 mark, and one that is a distracter and receives no marks.
    The Pass score is 28/40 or 70%.
    Upon successfully passing the ITIL v3 Capability Intermediate exams, the candidate will be recognized with 4 credits per exam in the ITIL qualification scheme. The four Capability exams will provide a total of 16 credits.
    On successfully passing the ITIL v3 Managing Across the Lifecycle exam, the candidate will be recognized 5 credits in the ITIL qualification scheme.

ITIL v3 Expert Program - Boot Camp - Capability Track
The Boot Camp (10-week program) requires you to complete all e-learning modules prior to coming to the classroom. The classroom part means 10 consecutive days in the classroom followed by 2 days a few weeks later:

  • E-learning: 50 hours of e-learning, where most of it will be completed before joining the classroom sessions
  • Classroom Sessions: 10 days in the classroom in one go, including the weekends.
  • This is followed by another session of 2 days where MALC is covered
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